About the Camp:

Enjoy playing games like Flappy Bird or Mario? We will develop deeper coding skills in this second level of Game Designer by creating 2 simple background scrolling platform games! 


This program is recommended for beginners from 7+ to 10 years old (with basic IT skills to operate a laptop/computer).


Explorers will also learn more about the amazing sharks and how they adapt to the underwater world as well as some of the environmental threats they are facing. Through building games, they will practise how to code using blocks and learn fundamental computational thinking concepts!


New Coding Concepts: 

  1. Operator: pick random, Less Than Function, Equal
  2. Booleans
  3. Cloning
  4. Loops and Iteration 
  5. Complex Conditions 
  6. List and Variables


Our game designers will also learn the different components of games and write their own game story by the end of the camp!


Game Design Development:

  1. Game Instruction
  2. Game Help
  3. Rules and Scoring


Our game designers will be coding a total of 3 different games:

  1. Scrolling Background Game
  2. Basic Platform Game


Explorers can expect interactive and engaging sessions as we keep each group to an average of 5 students. You will also get sufficient support and attention from our experienced instructor.


Tools required:

  • Windows PC or MAC 
  • Email Account



  • Date: 6 - 10 Dec 2021
  • Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm
  • Original Price: $390
  • Thinky Student Price: $312

Jr. Game Designer with Scratch Camp - Intermediate