About the Camp:
Join us in this action-packed Holiday Camp to kickstart your children's coding journey and complete the full Beginner certification in just 5 days! They will be creating simple animations in the first 2 days of camp and design a Maze and Catch game on days 3 to 5.


Through building games, they will practise how to code using blocks and learn fundamental computational thinking concepts!


Coding Concepts Covered:

  1. Introduction to Logic and Sequencing
  2. Loops & Iteration I
  3. Simple Conditions
  4. Variables I
  5. Event Handling
  6. Coordination I


Our game designers will also learn the different components of games and write their own game story by the end of the camp!


Game Design Development:

  1. Game Story & Characters
  2. Animation & Sounds
  3. Rules and Scoring


This program is recommended for beginners from 7+ to 10 years old (with basic IT skills to operate a laptop/computer).


*Real-time learning with an experienced instructor.

*Small group learning with an average of 5 students to ensure everyone gets equal attention from the instructor and to facilitate social interaction with peers.


Tools required:

  • Windows PC or MAC
  • Email Account


  • Date: 29 Nov - 3 Dec 2021
  • Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm
  • Original Price: $390
  • Thinky Student Price: $312

Jr. Game Designer with Scratch Camp -Beginner