P1 & P2


4:30pm -6:00pm


Phonics gives children a foundation to word pronunciation, reading, and writing. As children enter the world of letters and their various sounds, they will understand how the letter groups (graphemes) are linked to the sounds (phonemes).


The Phonics and Reading Program allows children to:

  • Develop the ability to hear and identify phonemes.

  • Form letter-sound correspondences.

  • Develop the ability to recognize familiar words accurately and easily “decode” new words.

  • Strengthen phonetics skills through the reading session.

  • Cultivate good reading habits.


This program is recommended for students in P1 and 2 looking to strengthen their word recognition and pronunciation skills. 


P1 - P2

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4:00pm - 5:30pm



5:00pm - 6:30pm 


Word recognition is fundamental to Chinese language learning. EASI Chinese is a multimedia Word Recognition curriculum that helps children master Chinese (汉子 Hanzi) in a systematic manner, progressively as they advance in levels.

The program will be supplemented by guided worksheets to reinforce learning. Lessons are also conducted with a variety of activities such as the use of animations, games, poems, and rhymes.

Through this program, students will:

  • Learn oral communication and expressions.

  • Find out more about the origin of each Hanzi.

  • Understand the structure and meaning of Hanzi.

  • Gain a better grasp of Chinese writing strokes and order of strokes.

  • Increase their Chinese vocabulary.

  • Develop good reading habits, improve comprehension, and understanding ability.